Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Welcome home.

Well, I am back home. We left Halley on Sat morning, four days earlier than planned to get ahead of a big storm that was coming. The four hour flight on the Basler to Novo had great views again, but the plane needed to fly high to get above some cloud and being un-pressurised it left most of us with headaches. We had two nights waiting at Novo, not a lot to do other than wait. Novo is much further north than Halley and as a consequence gets more dark at nights at this time of year so it was good to see the southern stars again. The flight to Capetown is six hours and somehow the contrast between the cold barren Antarctic and the heat and bustle of Capetown seems greater coming this way rather than going into the Antarctic. Just one night and one good meal in Capetown before the long haul back to the UK and the wonderful welcome home from my family.

I'll keep posting blog updates and some more pictures (particularly of the inside of Halley VI) for a while....


  1. Hi Mike,
    Great Blog - I don't normally comment on such things - but your blog and your expeditions to Antartica have been very useful. Philippa's topic last term, into Jan was Antarctica and Shackletons journeys, including making penguin animations from plasticine on an I-Pad. Your original penguin photo's (still on our bathroom wall) are now in her classroom, with a photocopy of the card u sent from South Pole! Enjoy being home.
    love Jean

  2. Yay, home sweet home, thanks for the ramblings and of course the pics of penny (love the one with the penguins behind, can't tell what's real!). Think you'be brought some snow back - kids will love you if they get some time off school! Best wishes, Andy F.