Sunday, 5 February 2012


One of the amazing things about Halley is the large emperor penguin colony nearby - this was only 12 km from Halley IV (the first of the Halley stations that I stayed in), about 16km from Halley V, but its nearly 32km from Halley VI. Unfortunately events have conspired against me getting down to see it this year (so far at least), but yesterday a solatory Adelie penguin wandered up to the station so that gave Penny a chance to meet a real penguin.

The weather wasn’t very nice and Penny has decided that being a real penguin would be far too cold and far too smelly too. On my last trip to Antarctica, which was too a much warmer place called Rothera the penguin I took from home on that trip met a Chipstrap.

Here are the emperors.

The chicks come in all shapes and sizes:

Thin Chick

Fat Chick
And of course, the rare large nosed vareity


  1. I think we've seen some of those penguins before but always gives a laugh! Patti and Kit enjoyed the chat this morning...

  2. the Adelie penguin must have come from far away

    1. Well it must have walked at least 32km from the coast to get here - and that must be a long way on its little feet! But it has swum much further, the are no breeding Adelie colonys for many hundreds of km.