Sunday, 12 February 2012

Halley VI - part 3.

We have a cameraman, Kirk Watson, who is documenting the build of Halley VI, eventually there will be a film produced. Kirk managed to get a really good photograph of Halley VI from the air using a model aeroplane. This is the picture, made from several video stills stitched together. Click on the image to get the highest res image I could upload on our rather slow internet connection.

Halley VI from above - photo Kirk Watson
Here is a lower res version of the same photograph annotated with what's what.

Annotated Halley VI from above - photo Kirk Watson
And while I am using other peoples photos, here is a nice one by Chris Walton, the winter Chef in 2011. When this photo was taken in the beginning of Oct 2011, Halley VI was covered in snow and frost. Halley VI should never look like this again now the generators are running, even the small amount of heat loss from the heavily insulated walls will keep them clear of snow.

Halley VI modules in winter colours - photo by Chris Walton

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  1. those are amazing photos, and interesting science too. keep up the good work, your fan base is growing. Matthew