Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Saturday nights, caves and BBQ's

Saturday nights have traditionally been a special night in Antarctica, the chefs make a special meal and everyone else makes a bit more of an effort to be presentable.

On this particular night we had a quiz, our team (ably assisted by Penny) did reasonably well, 3rd out of 10 - we bombed on the sport and celebrity culture. A couple of weeks ago it was a lovely sunny night and with no wind, it felt remarkably warm so we had a BBQ.

Last week it was one of the science team's birthday. Sam, exactly half my age. He has been spending much of his free time hacking out a snow cave and decided to celebrate by squeezing 14 of us in there.

The camera flash doesn't do the colours in the cave justice, so here is one with natural light.

You could just see Penny's nose at the bottom of the last two pictures. And here is Sam, the birthday boy, with Penny.


  1. Great to hear your news Mike. How about some more news about all the science that is being done down there. The bits that you have told us about so far have been tantalising, and there are a lot of grownups reading your blog as well. Regards, Matthew

  2. what was the spcial meal that the chefs cooked

    1. That particular night it was a curry.