Friday, 17 February 2012


With less than 2 weeks to go at Halley, I though I would reflect on the subject of Blogs - a bit of a pun and here's why. The avatar that I use (the little picture that goes with my name) is this picture (click on it for a higher res version):

It's a picture that I took in 2008 in Antarctica near a place called Sky-Blu. This is a remote experiment that measured the very small current that flows from the ionosphere to the ground - Antarctica is probably the only place on the ground that you can measure it.  It is of interest because of a potential link between this current, cosmic ray attenuation, cloud formation, and hence climate. I was on a servicing visit and had just landed on the Twin Otter aircraft that you can see at 1pm on the photo. The first thing we do on such visits is to photograph everything and this was the first picture looking up at the stainless steel hemispheric domes that measure the current - I like the picture.

Here is the background picture that I use for this Blog, it is of another cuddly penguin taken at Reptile Ridge near Rothera station.

Blogspot tells me lots of interesting things: My blog gets about 40 hits a day, the most I have got is 215. Most readers are from the UK, or other countries that I know that I have relatives or friends in, but also some of you are from Russia, Romania, Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, India, France - who are you all, leave a comment. Comments are very easy to leave, hit the number of comments link at the bottom of a post, from there it will ask you to select a profile - if you don't recognise any of the options choose either anonymous or name/URL, in name URL just type your name and hit submit.

People who are referred to my blog by google, most often search for Cherry Picker!


  1. OK Mike you asked who your visitors are.

    John Wright (Youth) GA Halley 1977, Belgrano (another story!) 1978. Now residentin Canada. Interesting Blog, particularly with regard to Halley VI - Luxury!

    Also interested in the vehicles on station. My son works over here in agriculture driving large tractors and sometimes talks about applying to go South as an equipment operator. Enjoy the rest of the season and have a safe trip home.


  2. Hello John, I'll look you up on the base photos. Halley VI is indeed very luxurious compared to the old Halleys. Still just as cold and windy outside! Best wishes Mike

  3. Cambridge alumna (Jesus, NatSci). Originally from Somerset. Very interested in working for BAS one day. Typed "halley station" into Ecosia image search, which brought up your pic inside the lounge of the red module, which led to me reading the blog archive. Thanks, Sophie.