Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Postscript II - Inside Halley VI

This blog is still getting lots of hits, and I know some ex-Halley people who are keen to see some more of the inside of Halley VI, so here are a couple more pictures.

This is the very comfortable lounge area:

The lounge area of Halley VI - Photo Sam Burrell.
And the corridor leading to the bedrooms:

Bedroom corridor - photo Hugh Broughton

And the main shared office area:

Halley VI office - photo Sam Burrell.
At the bottom of the picture of the office you can see the trap doors that lead into the under-croft - this is where many of the services such as water pipes and electrical cabling runs.  Here are Hugh Broughton (Halley VI architect) and Karl Tuplin (Haley VI project manager) in the under-croft.

Hugh and Karl in the under-croft

Halley VI is a remarkable research station, and a remarkable building generally. Far more comfortable than the previous Halleys, but also (and more importantly) far more capable scientifically.

Here's all the people at Halley this summer who made it happen:

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Postscript - Novo.

On the way home I spent two nights at Novo. Novo had changed quite a bit since my transit in December, far more snow drifts around the buildings.

We were on the last flight out of the season and the camp was starting to close down, disastrously this meant less access to tea drinking. Not a lot to do except sit and wait until it was time to leave. The view more or less didn't change for two days:

The Kindle was a godsend.