Friday, 24 February 2012

Halley VI - Inside

Halley VI has been a building site for most of the season, and even now most rooms either have work needing to be done or are full of boxes that need unpacking. With the station looking more and more impressive day by day, I have delayed putting up pictures of the inside of the station until the last possible moment. Now is very close to the last possible moment, I will probably leave here on Sat morning. This is what the dinning room looked like in January.

And now it looks like this:

Here is the main corridor with the fire fighting kit, inside the yellow boxes are the breathing apparatus used.

This is a bedroom, in summer they house two people but in winter only one. They are quite compact but have lots of clever little nooks and crannys to keep things in.

The showers are nice.

We have some really nice facilities for maintaining the science such as our electronics workshop.

On the the top of the science modules we have some flat grillage space which is a really easy place for us to deploy and run science equipment from.

Up here we have a number of GPS antennas, VHF antennas for communicating with remote science experiments, the dome that talks to the daily meteorological balloon, and a machine that measures the height of the cloud layers.

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  1. what a shame the blog is all over (at least for a while). i have really enjoyed my weekly dose of antarctic science and technology. I hope you are now safely back in Cambridge chez vous. Look forward to seeing you soon, Matthew