Thursday, 23 February 2012

Halley Birds

The most common birds at Halley are the emperor penguins that breed at the coast:

Adelie penguins visit quite often, but don't breed anywhere near here.

We often have skuas visit Halley, at Halley they are quite friendly because they don't breed here. At Rothera where they breed they are more aggressive, here are a pair attacking me as I needed to walk past to their nest on the way to a science facility last time I visited Rothera.

Two other type of birds fly around Halley in the summer - I haven't managed to get good pictures of them myself but here photos that I have got off the internet to show you what they look like:

Snow Petrels nest in the Therons mountains about 150 km south of Halley. Large numbers of them fly high over Halley but sometimes one or two come close to the ground, they really look very pretty and delicate.
Snow Petrel - photo E. Andersson
Smaller than the snow petrel is the Wilson's storm petrel.

Wilson storm petrel -

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