Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A tough run

On Saturday there was a 1/2 marathon, one lap around Halley V and then from Halley V to Halley VI - this was of course symbolic, all running from the old station to the new - although it was straight into the teeth of a 20 knot wind despite the sunshine. Here we all are at the start.

Twenty eight runners, walkers, and skiers. Kirk on the left in shorts, made it about 50 yards until he decided that his attire wasn't warm enough! I have put an arrow to show where I am.

And they are off:

And here I am at about half way. The field has thinned out, so for most of the run it was a lonely and windy run with the buildings of Halley VI not seeming to get any closer.

Overall, a tough run, no personal bests but everyone felt hugely satisfied to have completed the distance.


  1. Lots to look at since the last blog and this is from the one who keeps the home fires burning and the children fed and happy (sometimes). Temperatures here having been lower than where you are I think you are having it easy and we also recently suffered the lashing rain of the Brecon Beacons so are having more testing times than you. No penguins but plenty ravens...

  2. Were there any women running, doesn't look like it from the photo but maybe even they grow beards in the Antarctic?

    1. There are three women on station at the moment - one of them, the doc kaz, ran. As there were 28 runners from a total population of 102 it means women were slightly over represented. As far as I can tell none of the women have started to grow beards.