Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Not exactly home sweet home.

This is where I will be spending the most of the most of the next three months - it is the temporary accommodation at the Halley VI site. Here is the view of the buildings from one side:

And the other:

It consists of a big red double height living unit with a tent extension and a lot of containers to add the extra bedrooms needed this season because of the number of staff needed for the construction.

Here is my bedroom. At the moment I am the only occupant of a room for four - it seems small now, its going to be very crowded when the other occupants arrive on the ship.

You might just be able to spot my birthday bunting (its particularly nice to see Matthew and Brendan's flags from my bed - more about that in my next post) and of course penny.

This is the downstairs of the big red living unit, the food servery, with two of the most important people on station, the chefs Ant and Trev.

This is the inside of the dining area in 1/2 of the tent:

And here is the other 1/2 of the tent, the recreation area with a table tennis table, table football, dart board, gym and spinning bikes, and of course a TV (just to the right out of picture).


  1. Lots of Hairy Hooligans at Halley!

  2. the games 1/2 looks good (and the cosy bedroom)the food looks tasty as well!

  3. Food is good, the chefs do an amazing job as they have very limited stocks until the ship comes in. The temporary accommodation is better than I expected - it will get crowded when the extra people arrive on the ship.

  4. Makes Dennis Bellamy HoR look good.