Sunday, 4 December 2011

Flight to Antarctica

Late weds night we flew from Cape Town to Novo in Antarctica.

This is a 4000km flight which takes just six hours. The aeroplane is a Russian Ilyshian76, originally designed for military transport its very capable of carrying large loads long distances, but comfortable it isn't. The passengers have no windows and the toilet is a builders portaloo strapped down at the back. All in all it feels like flying in a loud and overcrowded garage.

Lots of countries use the flight from Cape Town to Novo, the Russians who operate the service and run a station at Novo, the Indians who have a station near Novo and then the Germans, Brits and South Africans who all have stations that can be reached by further flights from Novo. In addition there a a few tourists and adventurers who use Novo as a way of getting to the South Pole. Here's some pictures of the Ilyshian at Novo.


  1. Hope you're having fun.

    Don't for get to take pictures: needs a pic of the new base, and is a bit dull too.

  2. We say the plane looks nicer from the outside and what are those funny windows at the front?

    Did you have an in-flight movie with that screen at the front?
    Looks roomier than our garage!

  3. Those funny windows at the front were for bomb aiming!

    There was an inflight movie - a polar wildlife program!

    Roomer than our garage yes - but our garage doesn't normally have 60 people in it, all trying to get changed into their warm clothing at the same time.


  4. How much was it?