Thursday, 29 December 2011

Landing in a Twin Otter

Here is a short video of the landing we did at the field site - its actually a lot smoother than it looks but its hard to old a camera steady as you plonk down. You will notice that we are landing on to tracks, the procedure is that the pilot 'trails skis' - that is makes a landing but doesn't slow down and takes off again. The pilot can then check that no crevasses have opened up on the tracks before doing the landing proper.


  1. how does the pilot see the ground there is no perspective looks more like a video game I was waiting for the plain to disappear down a big hole

  2. if the pilot has to land on the tracks he first made presumably he has to take of again in same tracks so how does he do that going backwards ?

  3. The answer to ytour questions.

    1. The pilot has to be good! They like what we call good contrast - sunny weather gives you the best contrast, overcast the worst. I'll post some pictures later about contrast. Judging the ground is quite tricky.

    2. They land in the tracks and take off in them, but they do have to make small taxi-ing circles at each end.