Thursday, 8 December 2011

More from Novo

Some of you may have noticed that I am not posting in real time - I am nearly a week behind. Mostly this is lack of time, internet connection etc. I am already at Halley and eventually my posts will catch up to me, in the meantime here is the last post about Novo. There are quite a few interesting vehicles at Novo airstrip - this is an old Russian armoured personnel carrier, they still use it and several like it to ferry people about.

This is a fuel carrier that they use to refuel the planes. Novo is unusual and useful because the blue ice strip is just 14km from the coast and hence easy to get fuel to (and far cheaper than flying it in).

Most people going through NOVO work for various nation's research programmes but there is also a fair smattering of adventurers, some with lots of money to pursue their dreams, like driving a truck from Novo to South Pole.

Some adventurers have less money but no less challenging aims. Here are two Norwegians departing Novo who hope to ski to Pole in less than 50 days - that's how much food they have. They have kites that they hope will aid so they don't have to pull all the way. Best of luck to them.


  1. I think you may have inspired a whole new generation of potential polar explorers with those pictures of BIG trucks!

  2. Wait until you see all the vehicles we have here at Halley!

  3. I'm planning an expedition to the South Pole and wanted your input/advice on the matter. If you have a moment, please email me at Thank you!