Saturday, 10 December 2011

Flight from Novo to Halley

Halley doesn't have any blue ice so any panes landing there have to have skis, ours was something called a Basler - that's a DC3 (also known as a Dakota designed in 1935!) but now with modern turboprop engines and modern avionics. Here is a view from the front taken at Novo.

And the same aircraft from the back - note the square windows.

The flight from Novo to Halley is about 900km. That's about 4 1/2 hours flying.

The Basler is quite comfortable inside - but no loo!

Penny had a go at flying.

The route from Novo to Halley goes over several mountain ranges. Some of the most dramatic being the granite spires of the Hofmanfjella.

A quick reminder - you can click the pictures to get a higher res version.

As my blog posting as not been realtime, here are my travel dates.

Left Heathrow 26th November 21:30
Arrived CapeTown 27th 07:00
Left CapeTown 30th 23:00
Arrived Novo 1st December 05:00
Left Novo 2nd 20:00
Arrived Halley skiway 3rd 00:30
Arrived Halley site 3rd 02:00

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