Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas in Antarctica

Christmas began on Christmas eve - I had been out flying all day (more of that in a later blog post) and just got back in time for Christmas carols.

On Christmas day I opened my presents from my family, my Christmas stocking makes a nice home for Penny.

Christmas was a lovely, crisp, sunny and no wind, and I had a lovely long run, longer than I could have fitted in if I had been at home. Most people on Christmas day phone their loved ones at home - exciting as Antarctica is, everyone misses their loved one especially on Christmas day. Our phone is an Iridium satellite phone which is impressive technology but actually quite difficult to hear when a party is happening at the other end.

The treat for the day was a big sit down meal for everyone.

Penny particularly enjoyed the South African  Merlot, while I was happy with my Christmas badge.

Oh yes, and it was white


  1. HI Mike, looks like you had a good time. i have been out today with Marion and the boys for a run on Swanpool beach and a hot chocolate after all that exercise!Like this blog thing! Best wishes,

  2. Hi Mike Wendy and Rachel are enjoying your christmas blog - sorry if it was us being too noisy for you to hear your loved ones!
    love R and W