Thursday, 15 December 2011

Big Birthday in Antarctica

Just over a week ago it was my birthday - 50. My family had made me a parcel which I eagerly opened on the morning. Full of cards and small presents to remind me of home, which of course made me feel quite homesick. One excellent thing was a bunting where each flag had a different birthday message from one of my family or friends. Many thanks to everyone who contributed. This is it up in our temporary site office - and yes it is as cold as it looks, we have power for the computers but no heat yet.

However, one of the excellent presents my family got me was the warmest hat on the planet.

It was quite a warm day on my birthday without a breath of wind so I took the opportunity for a run around the station perimeter. If you can't be with your family on your 50th birthday then its not so bad to be running in Antarctica.


  1. Congratulations on reaching this milestone - you still look like a spring chicken running around the base. You must have a more efficient laptop than me - you would not need heating with mine.

    Not sure where I will be for my 50th but probably not as exiting as this, but it will be warmer.

    Look forward to the next installment, all the best.


  2. i'm glad you did'nt go any further, you might of got lost!(that would be bad)!

  3. hi mike its kate here hope your ok !!! have you seen any penguins yet? if you have how many have you seen? also how many layers of clothing do you have to ware? whats the coldest temperature so far I'm guessing it was colder than wales !!!!! love kate

  4. andy here why has the plane got square windows ?

  5. In n reply to the comments above.

    Spring chicken - I like that, better than "older than I could imagine"

    Don't worry Brendan, I won't get lost, as you can see it was sunny so you can see for miles and miles.

    Kate - in fact I haven't seen any penguins this trip yet (apart from Penny of course), there are some penguins in CapeTown but I didn't get to see them this time. I was hoping to go and see the nearby emperor penguin colony (well about 2 hrs away) but it was too windy today. It' s about -10C today but in fact its the alway the wind rather than the temperature that makes it feel cold. How many clothes do I wear - as many as I need to keep warm, always a hat and gloves and usually a neck scarf thingy as well.

    Andy - Surely this is a comment from another post, but the answer is because it is such an old plane and they hadn't worked out how to make curves cheaply.