Thursday, 14 February 2013

What a lovely evening

Yesterday was blowing about 25 knots, cold and drifting snow, however today the weather just got better and better and ended with a lovely still and sunny evening. I went for a ski around the station perimeter. I put photos in my blog last year of me skiing so rather than repeat them, here is a photo of my shadow while skiing.

I know some ex-Halley fids (people who come south are known as colloquially as fids, after the name Falkland Island Dependencies Survey which was a very early name for BAS) read my blog. One thing that has changed in recent years is that we now groom the snow a lot more. The groomer was initially purchased for grooming the runway for larger planes like the Basler DC3. However the groomer has turned out to be very useful, the whole station is regularly groomed in the summer which makes it easier to walk around and less harsh on vehicles. One benefit of this is that the perimeter occasionally gets groomed. Here it is tonight, a lovely smooth track, still soft but tomorrow it will make a lovely running surface once it hardens up.

The tent is for people who would normally not get a chance to sleep in an Antarctic tent because their jobs are on station. Although I don't expect to sleep in a tent this season I have done so many times in the past.