Sunday, 10 February 2013

Flight from Rothera - part 1

Here is the route from Rothera to Halley.

The distance that the Twin Otter aircraft can fly depends upon how much stuff we put inside it. We had minimal cargo, and just two of us passengers and the pilot Adam which gives about a 6 hours endurance. Unfortunately it takes longer than this to fly to Halley so we had to refuel somewhere. The primary target to refuel was Fossil Bluff, two hours flying south of Rothera. All of the fuel at Fossil Bluff has previously been flown there which means it is expensive, but cheaper than the fuel at Sky Blu which is yet another hour further south. Although the weather wasn't great, and the views overall were disappointing, there was break in the clouds which gave us some views and also allowed us into Fossil Bluff to refuel.

From Fossil Bluff it was just a little over 5 hours over to Halley. Total distance Rothera to Halley, 1800km.


  1. It's not fair, they never let our penguins fly the plane