Monday, 25 February 2013

Back in the UK

Arrived back in the UK at Sat lunch time after leaving Halley on Thursday morning. Quite astonishing that you can get so quickly from Halley to the UK. The journey was the opposite of the one I took in Nov 2011, From Halley to Novo, about 900km and 4 hours in a Basler DC3.
We had some excellent views of the spectacular mountains on the journey, I'll post some later.

At Novo we got straight on to the Ilyshian76 for a 5 hour 4000km journey to Capetown, 24 hours of enjoying the warmth and sunshine before flying back to grotty and cold Heathrow.

At just 4 weeks (and four continents) one of my shorter trips to Antarctica.

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  1. Hey Mike, I just stumbled upon your blog, very interesting and informative.
    Hope you had a good Christmas and have a great new year!

    John Isles