Friday, 15 February 2013

The Maggy Tunnel

Here's a bit of Halley that most people (even those who come here) never see. It's the magnetometer shaft. On the outside it looks like a big wooden box on the snow:

But inside it leads to a tunnel about 7m under the snow (and getting deeper) that contains a very sensitive magnetometer.

And the small lab where the computers for the magnetometers are:

The magnetometers are very sensitive and need to be thermally and physically stable which is why they are in a tunnel down in the snow. They are used to measure electrical currents flowing in the ionosphere which tells scientists about the way that solar wind connects to the earths atmosphere.


  1. Why doesn't the tunnel collapse?

  2. I think I'd rather be tucked up under a duvet at 16 rook grove than in maggy. Have a safe journey home love rachel

  3. How do the computers get connection?