Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Rothera and renewables.

Here is a general view of Rothera.

The buildings are all conventional construction but in a unusual place. In the foreground is a building known as Giants which is where my bedroom is. In the far left is the aircraft hanger, and between is the runway. You might need to click the picture to see it larger but in the center is the aircraft control tower.

Rothera has quite a bit of renewable energy, mostly solar hotwater such as these tubes on the building in which we eat.

There is some solar photovoltaics that generate electricity like these on the the new Dutch building.

I also saw a water heater which is being made to go into a field camp, the idea is it melts snow in the drum for washing etc.

Probably our biggest use of renewable energy is for powering remote instrumentation like some of  equipment I work on.

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  1. How big is rothera?

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