Saturday, 16 February 2013

Bedrooms at Halley VI

The bedrooms at HalleyVI are small but really comfortable. In winter people get a room to themselves but in summer there is someone in each bunk. They have lots of storage space and nooks and crannies. They are quite hard to get a good photo of because they are quite small, but it gave Peter penguin several opportunities to get in the picture!

The beds are really long which I find great. The Phillips lights are nice - they act as alarm clocks and they also have daylight bulbs in them to help the winterers avoid seasonal adjustment disorder.


  1. Ooo that looks like a nice comfy bed

  2. Sensible lighting. I have replaced most bulbs in my house with these broad spectrum daylight bulbs. Only a few pennies more than the standard energy saving bulb and so much brighter. Good for S.A.D.

  3. Hi Mike,

    I'm glad you like the SAD fixtures....I designed them along with all the lighting for Halley VI! mostly using Philips for the special stuff like these. They are bespoke and unique to the base. Hope the warm reading lamp works, the dimmers for everything and the alarm function. The closer you are to the panel when on the ultra-blue (17,000k)lamps the more benefit you will get in a shorter time.

    The prototype is still somewhere in my father's garage I believe!