Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Small Vehicles at Halley

We have a large number of small vehicles at Halley. Mostly snow mobiles, more commonly known as skidoos. This is me riding an AlpineII skidoo between Halley V and Halley VI, we tend to ride around station without crash helmets but on journeys off station we wear crash helmets.

The sledge I am towing is colloquially known as the Pope Mobile, and very comfortable it is too. The Alpine II is quite pokey, 500cc engine. We have several differnt types of skidoo, the very comfortable Tundra (smaller 250cc engine).

And the fast Scandic, best of both worlds 500cc engine, double ski, single narrow track.

We also have a whole host of different sledges that we tow behind the skidoo, some for cargo and some for people - like the thing we call the happy sledge, which can take 8 people.

We also have a couple of tracked 4x4's, here are Sam and Neil having fun on one. They aren't as easy to maintain or use as a skidoo, are slower too, but they can haul bigger loads.

Did you see Penny?


  1. Hi Mike we are all enjoying your blog very informative

    So I was thinking to complete your selection of transport you need a tag a long

  2. Those are definitely toys for the boys, I think I know of two small boys who would love a ride in that'Pope mobile'!