Saturday, 14 January 2012

Cherry Picking

Mobile elevated work platforms, or cherry pickers as they are known,  are very useful pieces of kit and extensively used at Halley for accessing high objects. One job we had this season was to cable up one of the large radars known as Superdarn. It  measures the position and velocity of charged particles in the Earth's ionosphere, the highest layer of the Earth's atmosphere. Because the movements of these particles are tied to the movements of the Earth's magnetic field which, in turn, extends into space, Superdarn provides scientists with information regarding the Earth's interaction with the space environment. The radar itself has 16 large antennas mounted on high towers, here is the cherry picker reaching up to one.

And here is Penny trying hard not to fall off one of the antennas while I work cabling up.

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  1. I'm not sure such a small penguin should be so high up. Penguins can get vertigo you know...